Art is important because it can communicate across boundaries and need no words. It is one form of communication that crosses barriers of languages. Art acts as a window in the heart and soul of the nation and the culture, moreover it is the depiction of the emotions and feelings of the artist himself. The closer the artist to the nation and the culture the clearer can be the depiction of it. Therefore, the art presented by the local artist in any country is important in itself. When the artist is born and raised in that country, they have lived that culture and that is reflected through their art. Not just it reflects a close relation between the culture and the artist there are many other reasons why promoting the art made by local artist will be beneficial for the nation itself.

irst of all, if the art is made by the local artists in melbourne, it is easily accessible and can be viewed also. Like if the artist is in your city, you can pay a visit to view the original art piece before making a payment which may not be possible when the artist is from another country. Furthermore, there are less chances of the involvement of an art gallery or an art consultant when buying art from local artist. When the transaction is made directly between the seller and the buyer without the involvement of the middle man it is financially beneficial for both the parties. Secondly, the pricing of the art is quite competitive among new and local artist. As they are there to get themselves recognized for their contribution, they keep their art pieces competitively prices to attract more customers and clients. When doing so the people who are interested in buying good art work can find very good deals among these local art pieces.

Thirdly, when you are dealing with a local artist, there are chances that you may find a reference who is familiar with him or her. Therefore, there is a chance of further reduction in price or you might get a personalized piece of art made which might not be possible in other scenarios. Furthermore, when you are dealing with local artist the chances you and the artist have a shared sense of meaning and values can create a closer bond between you and him/her. Another reason why local artist should be promoted is because it is one way of promoting your own culture and economy. The money will circle in your own economy and strengthening it. Also, it will promote your own values and culture. Lastly, when the art piece is created by local artist there are many chances that you are able to relate to it more than any other art piece. The reason for this increased connectedness is again the same culture and values that you share in common. Therefore, promoting local artist and their art is a way through which you help in promotion of your own culture and values in the world. For more details visit here