There are several things to be taken care, while starting a new business. The most important factor among them is how you plan to portray your company profile i.e. your brand. Several components have to come together to help a business formulate their brand identity. One of the best methods to create strong brand awareness among the customers is to repeatedly expose your brand message to your target people. However, it is not practical to spend thousands of pounds in order to boost exposure for your brand. Different surveys and studies prove that promotional merchandise is a cost-effective method of raising brand awareness especially in a tough economic situation.

Promotional merchandise, which is also known as promotional products, promotional items, promotional gifts or advertising gifts, is articles of merchandise used in communication and marketing programs. Usually the items such as caps, mugs, T-shirts, key chains, bumper stickers, mouse pads, pens, USB memory sticks, mugs and other office supplies are used as promotional products. A printed badge of particular company’s name, slogan or logo can be seen on the product which gives an awareness of the brand. These products are usually given away at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions etc.

Mostly the promotional items are inexpensive and small. But, in some case such as award shows and film festivals, the celebrities and other VIPs are given expensive items like leather goods, electronic devices, perfumes etc. Here, the companies who give the gifts to the celebrities often seek their permission to take a photo of them with the promotional gift. This is to be used by the company for promotional purposes in future. Sometimes huge business organizations such as Jewellery shops, textile shops etc. gives luxurious gifts like handbags or scarves. Their aim is that those, who get the gifts, will wear them in public and thus garner publicity for the company’s brand name and product. Get detailed info from packaging design agency

The ultimate aim of promotional merchandise is brand awareness. However, they also help to facilitate many other factors such as Tradeshow traffic-building, public relations, employee relations and events, new customer generation, new product introductions, dealer and distributor programs, employee service awards, internal incentive program customer referrals etc. Some nonprofit organizations like schools and charities also use promotional products in order to make people aware and to raise funds.

Planning for distribution of promotional product is as important as the items themselves. According to researches, a carefully executed distribution plan is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the selected promotional item. You should have a clear idea about when and to whom the promotional merchandise should give. If you give the item to everybody who visits your business place, it may not have any difference from an advertising tool. People may think that your business is a place to get free things and it will lose its expected effectiveness. You can also give it as a gift to your permanent customers for some special occasions such as New Year, Christmas, their birthday or your firm’s anniversary.

Several large suppliers of printed promotional merchandise are available on the internet. You can browse them and even give a call anytime to know more about their services and prices.