If you are planning for the interiors of your living room you will probably want to make it simple or elaborate, depending on the lifestyle you lead. You will know what you want from that room and listing it down will help you plan the decor accordingly. Once you have written down the functions you need from that room, deciding on the décor will happen accordingly.

Entertaining for business

You might be entertaining guests in your living room which is part of your business. If that is so, you would need to elaborate sitting space. Furniture needs to be decided on the space you have as well as the number of people you wish to entertain at the same time. For large space, having a five seater sofa set works well along with futons or small chairs added for more seating options. Adding on eco friendly inspirational wall decals would be a nice touch.

Decide on style or comfort

Often, stylish living rooms have an air of formality. Indeed, if you are keeping this room to entertain guests, you would not want to have your children browsing around or lounging on the sofas, eating food and spoiling the décor. Again, for homes where guests come seldom, the living room is a space for family members to lounge around, to sit back and watch television and so forth. Hence, having a lounger or a sofa cum bed, comfortable throws and cushions, carpets and futon beds would be good options to make the room a comfortable family space. Add on inspirational wall decals which would help set the mood every time.

Investing in multi tasking furniture

In most homes the living room has to serve several functions. Not only will it be the space for you to entertain your guests but also to keep it comfortable for the family members. As a result, you might want to invest in furniture that is attractive but comfortable to lounge in at the same time. Add in a rocking chair that is stylish but comfortable as well as coffee tables or reading corner in the living room, if the space allows for it.

Getting the look together

If you wish to create a certain theme for your living room, you might want to look at different theme based décor ideas. You might want to go Victorian, contemporary, traditional or futuristic in the overall look and feel. It would be a good idea to read up on the different décor elements of every style and theme and then decide on the different items that you want to collect. Picking up the furnishing accessories will also help define the look you wish to create so choose accordingly.