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There are some people who look naturally beautiful even if they do not try. Unfortunately, not all of us are that lucky. We have to try so hard and photo shop the picture 1000 times in order to make it look bearable. Well, guess what? You do not have to do that anymore. All you need to do is to follow these simple rules in order to be naturally photogenic.
Show your left side
When posing for a photo, most people show the best side of their face. But recent research shows that it is best to show your left side regardless of whether it is good or not. According to scientists, people who pose with their left side are more attractive due to the angle. So, regardless of whether you like the left side of your face or not, just make sure to show the left side. Don’t stand too close to the camera
When taking a group selfies, try to stay in the middle. If you taking the picture, keep the camera further away from you as possible. Usually, the person who takes the picture stays close to the camera looks bigger than the others. This can bring too focus to your face and thereby highlight your pimples, acnes and scars – if you have them. Moreover, when getting picture framing Sydney, you might even get chopped off if you are in the corner. 

Put your tongue behind your teeth
When smiling, some people have a tendency to grin too widely. Although this feels nice, it does look to nice. You will definitely regret it when you take the photo to the shop for picture framing. So, try not to smile too widely since it can open your mouth more than necessary. If you can’t control this habit, then make sure to keep your tongue behind your teeth when you smile. This will prevent you from smiling too widely. If you are looking for a reliable shop the Art Buy can help you.
Say money
For a long time, the tradition has been to say ‘cheese’. But apparently ‘money’ is more effective than the word ‘cheese’. Although thinking about money can make us happy instantly, saying the word can make us look visibly happier. When saying the word money, the corners of your mouth widen and go up. Moreover, it also makes your eyes crinkle. This will make you look genuinely happy even if you are not.
So, the next time you take a selfies or pose for a photo, make sure to keep these tips in mind. This will definitely help you to look ravishing.

Creative Arts & Design

Though video technologies have become very advanced in these days, people still prefer photographs and photography for many reasons. Photography is a process of taking picture(s) through a photo camera. In those days, it was only possible to take black and white photos and there were too many limitations in using the photo camera in very olden times. But today, photography has become so advanced that taking photos under any situation has become possible. There are photo cameras that will work even in under water and in space. Today, photography services are used both by individuals, businesses and corporate. At present, there are many types of photography exists within the photography industry.a Corporate photography is a term that refers to utilization of photography service by an corporate of commercial enterprise. This doesn’t limit to photographing the products, but also photographing the employees, facilities, events, meetings and many more.

A photograph, though it just captures a moment, it can convey lots of information. For businesses, photographs remain an effective tool to promote and market their business to the world. This is the reason why businesses are so particular about choosing their photography services. By choosing a good photography service, corporate and businesses can have their businesses/products photographed much better which can project the business in the best way to  the clients, customers and the masses. A good photograph can be published on the websites, PR websites, magazines, etc. It can help your business to get a better image. These days, there are many photography companies to offer service to corporate  ompanies and enterprises.

If you want to promote your product better in the market, then you should think about using product photography services. In fact, almost all reputable product makers are utilizing product photography services for their product promotion. Product photography is an area of photography. It is not just about photographing the products in different angles and under different lightings. A product photographer will thoroughly analyze the product and take photographs in such a way that it can attract wider audiences. He will use special lenses, lightings and backdrop to make your product look very attractive and functional. Good product photographs can pull more people and compel them to buy the real products. So, if you want to take better product photos, you should hire corporate profile photography Melbourne who specialist photoshoot. You can find information about them on the Internet.

It is necessary for the corporate owners to hire a qualified and skilled corporate photographer for their photography needs. As considerable level of money is invested in hiring a photographer or photography service, it is necessary for the corporate to find a good photographer to achieve the desired level. The best way to gauge the skill of the photographer is by looking into his/her past work or their sample works. To view the sample photos or portfolio, you can visit their websites. Photos could be a testimony for a product or business. So, to boost your business image, you need a good photographer who can photograph your products, office and employees in a better way and help the business to get projected in a better way.

Creative Arts & Design

Interior designing is a very interesting subject that is being developed into a profession. Now there are people specialized in the field of interior designing who will guide you to design your home interior. Nevertheless possessing a certain amount of knowledge on the consideration taken into account will never be a waste. You can find number of articles and books written on this subject. Here are some ides which will help you with important interior designing considerations for aboriginal dot paintings.

Meaning and effect of colours

The psychological effect the colours very critical in interior designing and it is necessary that you choose the right colours for your houses. For example colours such as red, orange, magenta are ones which can make you feel aggressive and strong while colours such as green or white will open up your stream of consciousness and make you think for hours. Therefore choosing the right colour for the right place is very important. Using several colours is more complicated as the outcome depends on the way you mix and match. Using strong colours are more likely to make you feel perplexed. Moreover the fact that light colours can make places look spacious while the dark colours can make them look confined.

Furniture and decorative elements

It is mainly the use of furniture and other decorative elements which will decide the way you want it to look. You might be having a theme in your mind on how your house should look. For example if you want to make your house look more modern you can choose furniture and other decorative elements accordingly and make it like such. On the other hand if you want your house to look classic you can give that look with the furniture you choose and the way you want your walls to look. You can also buy aboriginal art at Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery to decorate your walls which will give the authentic, classical or traditional look you wanted out of your inner walls. The curtains, the lamp shades, flower vases, also play a great role in interior designing.

Greenery inside

Placing greenery inside is a new move used in interior designing as the people are unable to have the plants they love for the reason they do not have sufficient space for gardening. You need to keep the plants you love in a pot and inside if you do not have a garden. As most of the houses in urban areas are apartments, people do not have gardens and the interior designers have taken into account the option of having some greenery features inside. Trees such as bonsai trees are considered ideal for this purpose. Some homes also have indoor gardens. As the psychological benefits of seeing greenery is considerable it is important that this is taken in to account by the interior designers too.